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sTars: Cosmic News for Humans: Sept. 2019

sTars: Cosmic News for Humans: Sept. 2019

Aries. What would it look like to become more discerning? Your world has become too full. Usually this wouldn’t bother you because you just fly right over top of it. But for some reason you have come closer to the ground and are bumping into things. People, ideas, habits, patterns of thought. Like a game of pinball. Clear the game. Pull up your socks. Put on those penny loafers and get to work. You will find discipline you didn’t know you had. A whole reserve. It is inside of you and right now it is essential that you put it to use. It is a process of purification. Start with your daily rituals… life is just a series of moments. Make sure you are using them wisely.

Taurus. Something is happening to you. Can you feel it? If not, feel a little more. Get real quiet. It is there just under the surface, waiting for your recognition. Wake up to it. It is your big audacious dream. Or at least the seed of it. It’s taking root. Little tiny fingers reaching down into the soil. It wants your care and attention. It’s pretty simple. Do what feels really good. Heart stuff. Pure joy. It is the fertilizer for your dreams. That is your only work right now. Do what feels good. Keep your heart wide open, if it’s closed all of the good stuff can’t get in. You don’t need to protect it any longer. You are strong.

Gemini. Take the blinders off babe. There is something you don’t want to look at. It is not as scary as you think. You don’t need to run from it anymore. You are strong enough. Maybe you don’t even know you are running from it. It has just become a habit. Your way of moving through your world. There is anew stability taking hold. It is solid because it is yours. You made it. Take that in. It’s a big deal. But… you need to see reality in order to change it. And there are still things that need to change. You are ready for it.

Cancer. You’re kind of mental right now. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, you just need to reorganize your energy a bit. It’s kind of chaotic , no? It can’t be comfortable. It’s driving you a little bananas. You have a bit of restless leg syndrome. It is just temporary, You would be wise to find an outlet for all of that. Run or gallop or skip. Whatever it takes. All of this new energy is a good thing. It is your creative fire coming to the surface. Sort out your mental stuff. Get into your body and you will be just fine.

Leo. Ready to remove pain and obstacles? Just smash them. No time for soft nostalgia or victim scenarios. Sorry but you need a bit of a push. There is so much juicy stuff in your life. Heal. When are you going to get sick of your story? It’s over. You can write a new one. Everything you want is on the other side of this. But you have to move past it. There is a deep transformation that is taking place and you have to be willing to leave the surface. Notice how often you resist going underneath all of the day to day stuff. You are feeling alot of things. It’s all in there.

Virgo. You are pretty great at everything. It’s true. It might be time to take a break from being so great and figure out what else there is for you. To allow something better to come, something full. There is more. More than analyzing, perfecting… more than being great. Turn towards yourself. Get curious. Don’t get too busy for self-discovery. If you were to stop and breathe you might cry, but that’s alright. Don’t fight the feeling any longer. I would love to see you shift your perspective… away from trying to be perfect to honouring who you truly are… away from being right to being in love, mainly with yourself. There is a different quality of life available to you, one that is luscious and slow and super yummy.

Libra. It is the end of something. Something big falls off and away. Heaviness lifts. It is as though a benevolent breeze comes through your doorway. Your job is to make sure the door is open. This is more about your internal world than your relationships with the outside. How you think, how you feel, what your want. That is the adventure of the moment. Go deep. Dive into the unseen aspects of your life. You are about to become magnetic, just be careful what you magnetize. Your atmosphere is what pulls things towards you. Cultivate your energy so that you draw in things that match who you want to become. This takes time and space. Make sure you give that to yourself over the next month. It is important to pull back every one and awhile and re-prioritize. Make re-prioritization your priority.

Scorpio. Things will come into balance, you need to generate some major trust. While everything is changing and upside down it can feel chaotic and de-stabilizing. This is just part of the process. The way to find your equilibrium is to not leave your own center… for anyone. That is what gets you into trouble. What is true for you. The big Truth. Find it and place it underneath your feet. Find your holy ground. Everything will fall into place soon enough. Things are just getting re-organized. Release your expectations on how you think it should be and allow yourself to be surprised with what comes. It won’t be what you think. Everything belongs and everything has it’s place. You have to take your hands off the wheel, loosen your grip. Free yourself from that serious scrunchy face you are wearing. Lighten up.

Sagittarius. Think clean slate, blank canvas. ‘I am allowed to begin again’ might be a mantra you get used to repeating. Say it until you believe it. Everyone is allowed a fresh start. Begin right where you are standing. And leave everything else behind you. But really leave it. Don’t ruminate on what was or what could have been. The truth only exist right here in this moment, it is all that is. Take your hand away from your eyes and get super clear on what surrounds you. Do you like what you see? If not, no big deal. Be efficient with your analysis, which means stop looking over your shoulder. Everything you need to know is right in front of your face but you won’t see it with your eyes closed. This is your life, after all. Get familiar with it.

Capricorn. Shine on you crazy diamond. If anyone knew what you actually have had to endure over the past couple of years they wouldn’t believe you. But you know what happens to a piece of coal under pressure… that is how diamonds are made. I feel like we may have had this conversation before but it is worth repeating. This is the loop that will be playing until you snap out of it and step into your power. You are so much stronger than you realize, although I think you may be getting glimpses of it lately. Think of an edge, your edge. What would it take for you to jump? Leap into your own life. Bring all of your acquired wisdom forward with you and leave the shit you don’t want behind. You can just walk away from it. It is really that easy.

Aquarius. There is this feeling of up and out. Things that were hiding under the surface start to bubble up. Try to allow it to happen without attempting to cram it back down or getting into your head to avoid feeling it. Fears, angers, upsets, disappointments. Now is the time to let it go. Catch and release. Feel it and leave it. It does take work, but not the kind of work you are thinking of. It is all about stamina and trust and staying with it until it passes. Breaking free from old behaviour patterns is where it’s at. They are chains keeping you tied down to what used to be. But what used to be doesn’t actually exist anymore. What exists is the potential to live out your life exactly as you choose. Go for it.

Pisces. Keep exhaling. Focus on that part of the breath. You are changing. There is a quality of consistency that is available for you right now. Take it in and let go of your old way of doing things. Procrastination and self-sabotage have no place in your life anymore. You have buckets of skills that need to be shared with the rest of the world but it requires self-discipline to get them out there. No more of that dreamy floaty stuff, cut it out. Or at least carve out time and space for it. Give yourself an hour a day to stare at the ceiling and the rest of the time be inside of your life fully. You really do want to be an active participant, you are just afraid of failure. But who cares. Everyone fails. Get over it and get to it.

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