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sTars: Cosmic News For Humans: November 2019

sTars: Cosmic News For Humans: November 2019

Aries. It’s time to level-up. Again. I hope you are not getting tired of all of this evolution. It is so good. But it wants more from you. A lot more. You will find the energy you need for all of this. And that energy is wrapped up in trying to hold back and hold down. Where can you let go? What can you let go of? If you can answer these questions honestly you will all of a sudden find yourself back in the flow of your life. In a big way. Think inspiration, ambition, drive. It kind of feels like a volcano, in the best possible way. All of this creative fire just under the surface. Things are about to get a whole lot more fun if you can lose your fear. Drop the shame and be your freaky self. The world wants you just as you are…

Taurus. Independence vs. Intimacy. It’s tricky isn’t it? You are completely renovating how you relate to others right now, the old way wasn’t working. You will change your mind a lot. You will alter past decisions. You will make new commitments and break some old ones, even ones to yourself. Be willing. You are allowed to evolve past where you once were. You are allowed to change your mind. Sometimes it is necessary to move some people closer to you and some further away. You want lots of space right now. You need it. You are going through so many internal changes and it is difficult to be around others. Insulate yourself from the opinions and ideas that are not yours. You are in the middle of figuring a lot of shit out. Get quiet enough to hear your own wise voice.

Gemini. How can you begin to think differently? About your life, your body, your work, your relationships. It’s time to reassess your mental patterns. There is a shift that would make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself in the world. You keep getting stuck in one particular place. A story you tell yourself. And it has everything to do with the past. It may take you some time and space to sort this one out. Your mind is comfortable here and you may not see it. But you’ve gotta. Do whatever it takes. There is a whole pile of good making its way to you but it will drive right on by if you don’t recognize it. Find a way to open your eyes.

Cancer. You hold back your creative powers. And you’ve got the lion’s share. Did you even know this? Maybe you don’t realize because you think yourself into a box so often. What shape and form would your superpower take if you unleashed it into the world. It is a fair question and you should ask it everyday. “How can I wield my magic today” Make it your mantra. You are getting braver though. And if you stop trying to be like everyone else (you do that sometimes) and just be your beautiful self, things will begin to happen for you. Feel your way into the world. Know yourself and then go out and be fabulous. Do it in your own way. This will require understanding who you are and what you are good at in a new and deeper way.

Leo. How you find your stability is up for renewal. Your needs are constantly changing and evolving. But certainty, it is the number one human need and if we don’t have that certainty we won’t stop until we find it. We often go looking for it in places that are not so helpful. Just because it is comfortable doesn’t necessarily mean it is good. What habits do you cling to that are holding you back? If you get your feet on real solid ground you can launch yourself far and wide. But the barstool or the Netflix binge are not going to take you where you want to go. Know what I’m saying? You’ve got a lot of genius up in there but it’s not going anywhere if you are wasting your time staying comfortable.

Virgo. Connect. Communicate. Create. Just keep repeating these three words all month long. But before you dive in, get super clear. If you are at all foggy or confused, wait until you are feeling that sense of clarity. You do not want to start momentum in the wrong direction and that is a very real possibility. You are very good at being precise and discerning. Use those skills in every area of your life. See everything with laser sharpness. There is a strong underlying desire to connect with people, but make sure you are not mis-representing yourself. This requires some work on your part and it is all happening on the inside. To thine ownself be true. Once you have figured out how to do that, go get it. With both hands.

Libra. Your priorities are about to get a renovation. It would be wise to get super curious about how you are thinking around resources and values. Sit down and make a list. What are your top ten values? Be honest with yourself. They have changed in the past few years and you may have not adjusted to your new perspective. Use this month to rework your mindset. Make that your priority. Examine your beliefs around money, freedom, abundance, prosperity. Make sure they fit with where you are wanting to go. A belief is just a thought you keep thinking over and over again. If you don’t like the feel of it, stop thinking it. It really is that simple. But it will change the entire game.

Scorpio. Metamorphosis is a funny thing. One day you are a little caterpillar inching along and then all of a sudden you have wings. It is pretty incredible but the whole thing is a bit confusing. And don’t forget that part of the process where you have to hide in the dark and wait. Good thing for you that part of your journey is almost over. Ready to fly? You totally are. Just remember that you have never had wings before. Give yourself a break. Have a little self-compassion. It may take some time to get used to your new situation. But inside of you there is a knowing. You were built for this and everything you need to understand about who you have become is already there. Relax. You’ve got this.

Sagittarius. I know you just want to go running towards it all but don’t. Not yet at least. There are a few things that you must do first. This isn’t your favourite. The waiting, the work, the carefully placed steps. Things are happening exactly as they should be and you are definitely moving in the right direction. But… you have to check your alignment before you go any further. Does what you put out into the world match what is going on inside? Integrity is key. You have a lot of beauty to share and you are about to get the opportunity to put it out there full on. Just check yourself first. Pull back a bit and get to know yourself better. And then be that, unapologetically. Everyone will appreciate it more than you know.

Capricorn. Big Picture. Sometimes you can get way too up close to all of the finite details. The categories, the planning, the little speck of dust. Details are important but not right now. It is obstructing your line of sight. Get up there, way high up and have a look. Go up. Trust me, it is really beautiful up there. And when you do you will have one of those moments. Maybe we can even call it an epiphany. You need one of those right now. But you’ve got to go up. Think about those circles you keep running in. Chasing your tail. It is time to move on. You will find surprising solutions when you take this perspective and understand the why and the how of certain events in your life. Trust.

Aquarius. Rethink direction. You have an opportunity right now to reevaluate where you are going. You may have set out towards something a long time ago that doesn’t actually make sense for you anymore. Get out of your head and into your body. This isn’t something you can figure out with your well-developed logic and analysis. Feel your way through this process. Notice how things feel. You are very strong mentally and you can use that to your advantage as long as you connect it with your heart. Dream, visualize and feel your way. If you do this you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Pisces. You cannot be duplicated. I kind of feel like you need to hear that right now. You are you. And there is something there that is so very special and unique. You are in a time of deep discovery, or you could be. Turn your eyes towards yourself, but not in a hyper-critical way. Romance yourself. Get curious about what turns you on. There are no rules to self-discovery or even self-expression. But you have to know yourself if you are going to do it with authenticity. It should be fun. Not uncomfortable or crunchy. Being who you really are will feel easy and good. It will feel like home. And it is time for a home-coming.

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