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sTars: Cosmic News for Humans: February

sTars: Cosmic News for Humans: February

Aries: How might you explore your generosity? Where are you holding yourself back? The fear of rejection is real for all of us but it is time for bravery. We all need what you have to offer. You currently have buckets of untapped potential. Your work right now is to find creative ways to access it. We want to see all of you.

Taurus: Where you stand right now is a direct correlation to where you have been. The trick is you can’t push but you do have to move… do you know the difference? It is a subtle feeling. Action without aggression. Your way forward is to move towards fresh experiences, fresh emotions, fresh people. Stop looking over your shoulder. Nothing is worth fighting for, this will be easy.

Gemini: There is latent stagnation hiding under the surface. You are ready to let it go. You can’t rely on others opinions right now to know where your evolution needs to happen. Listen only to your voice. And balance that with a bit of practicality. Metamorphosis by virtue of analysis, that is your jam over the next month.

Cancer: You might be feeling a bit radical, a bit extreme. Use that feeling because it is real and good. You are in the middle of an irrational process. You can’t depend on logic just your intuition. You don’t have all of the information required but that doesn’t matter. Keep it simple and focus on the ground beneath your feet.

Leo: Fate… is it real? How much do you control and how much is happening outside of yourself? You are riding the line between both realities. Can you surrender and make shit happen at the same time? Absolutely and it is the magic combination. Inspired action. You have a hand in everything that happens to you – there is no room for victimhood. But you have to let go of the rope.

Virgo: You can’t rely on your keen sense of analysis right now. It is your strength, I know. But sometimes things don’t make sense. It is all part of the big, beautiful puzzle that is your life. This isn’t the time to be fanatical. Don’t go too deep into this. Dive deep into the good stuff, the beauty and rhythm of daily life. Clarity is coming, in the meantime… live and love.

Libra: Understanding of yourself and others is your most important skill. Awareness your most potent tool. With so much happening you need to stay awake. Eyes open. Heart open. Connect with others, rely on them. You are developing a more textured intimacy with your entire life. This is a juicy time for you… don’t miss it.

Scorpio: An explosion of goodness and intensity. Life is literally overflowing. It is all perfect even though it feels like a bit much. Responsibility is your word – the ability to respond to everything coming to you. Stay grounded. Be in your life and you will manage fine. Don’t put up walls right now, you need to have access to it all.

Sagittarius: You are investigating your need to be attentive. Pay attention to the subtleties. Nurture your intuition. It is difficult to trust yourself but you can, as long as you are in touch with the world closest to you. Become more observant and you will be surprised at what you see and then you will realize you knew all along. You are a genius and you are about to experience it, maybe for the first time.

Capricorn: Don’t be confused with this state of calm, it doesn’t mean nothing is happening. You are inside the quiet phase of the cycle and things are still moving. Your work is to not create instability because you are uncomfortable with the silence. Take this temporary pause to rehabilitate. You need to heal and you have a lot of work ahead of you. Now is the opportunity to get ready.

Aquarius: I want you to access your enthusiasm. Eager to take a bite. Because you are loosened from the energy that was holding you back previously. Strategize with your potential – what is the most effective use of your superpowers. Figure it out and then implement. Execute. Apply. Put yourself into action in the very places that will utilize your gifts in the most perfect way.

Pisces: Things are strange and new. When you look around you find most of your surroundings unfamiliar. While there might have been significant changes in your physical environment, you are also looking out with fresh eyes. This can be inspiring and frightening all at once. Stay connected to your sense of self. Remember who you are but at the same time allow that person to evolve.

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