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sTars: Cosmic News for Humans: March 2018

sTars: Cosmic News for Humans: March 2018

Aries: Integrity. I want to see your inner world and outer world find congruency. Does your daily rhythm support your deepest desires? It’s a worthwhile question. It’s time to pay attention to the insight you are receiving right now regarding how you communicate, serve, create and move about this world. You are allowed to reevaluate. You are allowed to begin again – in any and every aspect of your life. It is natural for you to live actively in the physical realm. You are being provided the opportunity to balance that with travelling inside, figuring out what it is you want, what is in the way and letting it go.

Taurus: Are you having fun? Are you remembering to breathe? It is a bit of a hamster wheel situation you’ve gotten yourself into and even if you are placing yourself in delicious situations, you seem to have lost your taste for them. You need to go searching for your passion. My sense is you are about to embark on a bit of a detox … so much heaviness that doesn’t need to be there. Find your fire, in the most practical way you can. Follow your heart, but keep your feet firmly on the ground. Play, be sexy, be loose … without losing yourself in the process. If anyone can take on this task it is you. This is your specialty.

Gemini: You are restless. Change is happening but it is all going on under the surface. This is tricky for you because you really love to talk, but this is a personal evolution and no one else will understand. This trend continues from last month. You are practicing the art of being quiet and sitting inside of your growth. Don’t jump before you are ready and you you will be ready soon enough. This is all temporary. The weightiness of this process will lift. You will come through this understanding yourself more deeply and developing an intimate relationship with what you want. You are light by nature, don’t lose connection with that as you move through this. Growth is essential and sometimes it isn’t what we expect but it is always taking us where we want to go.

Cancer: Sometimes when we feel like we aren’t being heard it is prudent to notice how we are listening. We communicate with our world in diverse ways – with our energy, our actions, our empathy. Open your eyes to what you bring to your connections. There is an important distinction between self-criticism and self-awareness – your sensitivity can be used as a tool if you can figure this out. You feel everything and it would be wise to create a filter so you can gain clarity and compassion, for others but more importantly for yourself. You are about to experience a quantum leap if you can sift through the complicated emotions and see the truth about where you actually are. Fine tune your senses and they will become your superpower.

Leo: Your self-worth has everything to do with your relationship with your resources. A little gratitude will go a long way. Nourish yourself with appreciation. You have much more than you realize but you need to be willing to look. It feels good to feel good and yes … it feels bad to feel bad. Generating some positive energy will propel you towards your goals. When you are overwhelmed, sift through the shit to find the silver lining. This will allow you to use the resources you have available to you. They are there, just not packaged in the manner in which you expect. But they are only of value to you if you can understand how to utilize them. Just remember, your success is guaranteed but you are the catalyst. Dust yourself off and get to work.

Virgo: Illumination. You are seeing yourself in more honest ways. Vulnerability doesn’t always come easy to you but it is essential if you are to experience intimacy. That vulnerability begins with your relationship with yourself. We all sabotage our opportunity for connection because of fear and over-analysis. It is a natural protective mechanism, but you will end up isolating ourself or getting stuck in surface, inauthentic situations. You don’t have to trust everyone, but if you can cultivate trust with your own instinct, you will become more discerning about the people that will offer you respect and acceptance. It is a worthwhile exercise … even if it is uncomfortable.

Libra: You are very skilled at maintaining balance in your connections with others and your world but right now your wisdom lies in cultivating your internal balance. You have permission to nourish yourself and pull away from others. You can’t give from an empty cup. What do you want and need emotionally? Surrender to your loyalty to yourself, this will shift how you relate to everything. Your responsibilities need an adjustment right now. It is possible that you are leaking energy in places that don’t replenish themselves. Pay attention to how you feel when you are engaging with all of the pieces of your life. Your intuition is an invaluable to you, work it like a muscle … it will only get stronger.

Scorpio: It’s okay to need others. You don’t need to do it all on your own. Vulnerability doesn’t always come easy to you but you would be wise to lean into your relationships. You are loved, there are people that want to support you … find them and be open to receiving. Fine tune your ability to ask for help. No one is going to give you a medal for going it alone, it may feel safer but you will burn yourself out. And while it may feel heavy and serious right now, there is a lightness to be found in the ordinary. Don’t go looking for explosions of goodness, there is magic to be found in the daily rhythm … your willingness to see is all that is required.

Sagittarius: Sometimes we have to fight for our liberation. Sometimes we need to assert our will – even over our own darkness to bring about a higher perspective. You are finding your place in the world and the more self-awareness you can generate the more compatibility you will find. No one can live your life for you Sagittarius, so don’t give that power to other people. You get to want what you want. Become a freedom-fighter in the truest sense. Advocate for your own liberation. Your life is waiting for you.

Capricorn: A new energy is sweeping into your world. There is no room for apathy. It’s time to fall in love with yourself, with your life. Only boring people encounter boredom. You may need to apply some effort, but you will find buckets of goodness if you look in the right places. This will require you to step out of your comfort zone because the magic is hiding in unfamiliar places … but you will know where to go if you follow your instinct. The path to what you want is the path that feels good. Go find it. Take action. Be decisive. No time for wishy-washy bullshit this month. Oh and have fun with it.

Aquarius: You are never really ready and sometimes you need to jump with both feet. Work on generating some trust … not in other people, but in life. Also generate a bit of optimism, there is evidence that things are working out for you in every direction. You have created a solid foundation for yourself so you are able to lift off now. Your inner stability will allow you to move about with agility and grace. Figure out where you are stuck and loosen yourself. You are more ready than you realize.

Pisces: You have to deal with other people, this is something you need to accept. I know your sensitivity can cause you to go into hiding from time to time, and that is fine … we all need to create sacred space for ourselves but eventually we must face the world. Your work right now is to develop skills that allow you to utilize your sensitivity instead of run from it. Your ability to feel is your greatest strength, stop looking at it as a weakness. You just need to understand it more deeply.

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