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Summer Shake Up

Summer Shake Up

By Jonathan Belgrave

It’s been a hot summer this year and throughout the region ice cream is a popular way to cool down with a creamy treat. One classic variation of ice cream is the milkshake. Here is a guide to some popular destinations for a milkshake around Niagara. Have you been to all five? Tweet @JaywalkCa and @TheSoundSTC your faves and what you think of these fine establishments.

The Classic – Old Port Dairy Bar
26 Lakeport Rd., St. Catharines

Despite the controversy happening in Port Dalhousie, this popular destination has relocated around the corner. Old Port Dairy Bar features a wide selection of ice cream flavours. Of these flavours any can be made into a delicious milkshake. Take a trip to Port and enjoy a refreshing shake on the beach. Get one before the end of summer as Old Port Dairy Bar is only open during the summer.

The Modern – Guilty Burger
52 St. Paul St., St. Catharines

The winner of last year’s Burger Master Competition also makes milkshakes. Leave your expectations at the door with this one as you are in for a treat at this Downtown St. Catharines location. Featuring only four shakes of vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and caramel, these Guilty Shakes are different from the normal. They are a modern take on the milkshake and just like the burgers, you will feel guilty after enjoying one of these. Luckily, Guilty burger is also a restaurant, so you can enjoy a guilty shake all year ‘round.

The Selection – Cool Licks
642 King St., Welland.

Another popular Niagara favourite, this parlour features over 100 flavours of ice cream. The most out of any locations featured here. When you arrive, don’t be fooled by their modest appearance. Inside you will be welcomed by the flavours and the atmosphere of a classical parlour. Get a small or a large shake for under $5. Cool Licks is open all year.

The Pop Up – Stevensville Ice Cream
3231 Snyder St., Fort Erie.

While on your way to or from Safari Niagara you can visit this pop up parlour for a quick treat. With a modest selection of flavours, you can have a shake to enhance your trip. Being a pop up, it’s best to enjoy Stevensville Ice Cream during pleasant weather and it is only open during the summer season.

The Prestige – Avondale Dairy Bar
461 Stewart Rd., Niagara-on-the-Lake

With over 60 years of history, Avondale Dairy Bar has been serving generations in Niagara. With over 40 flavours, this historic location is a favorite among residents. While technically in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Avondale Dairy Bar is located near the border of its municipality and St. Catharines. This make Avondale easy to access for a lot of residents from St. Catharines and Niagara Falls as it is only a five minute drive from the QEW/Glendale Exit.

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