Underrated on St. Paul St.

With a growing buzz in St. Catharines around supporting local businesses, there are some still…

The Garden City Food Co-op: An Ending, or a Stepping Stone?

There’s no one factor definitively at fault for the demise of the four years’ dream…

KeepGood Co
It’s Time to KeepGood Co.

keepgood co. is located at 1-283 St. Paul St. The store focuses on home decor drawing on ideas of Nordic design and minimalist and modern lifestyles.

Episode 9 – The Sound STC Podcast

In this episode we have special guest Lacie Williamson (who runs the 24 James St.…

The Ugly Mess That Happened in St. Catharines

By Heather Allen, Jonah McGrath, Alexandra Tomulescu, Raylene Turner and Andrew Von Lukawiecki

There’s Nothing Small About This Juice

By Chris Illich