Emma German

Up Close and In Motion (faraway, so close)

An examination, looking backwards and forwards, of Up Close and In Motion; a year long exploration of the collection of Rodman Hall Art Centre.

Twins, doppelgängers and fetchs

Phase 8 of Up Close and In Motion at Rodman is curated by artist Jimmy Limit, who also visually responds to the works he’s chosen from the RHAC collection for the Hansen Gallery. Your intrepid #artcriticfromhell offers a response.

October Fragments

Dennis Tourbin’s October Fragments is the latest work in Emma German’s curatorial project Up Close and In Motion that evokes questions of history and politics, focused upon one of the most contentious moments in Canadian history.

Dennis Tourbin La ville dort
Dennis Tourbin La ville dort (The city sleeps)

Some thoughts and impressions on Dennis Tourbin’s La ville dort in the lastest iteration of Up Close and In Motion at Rodman Hall.

Writers’ Blocks

Sheldon Rooney’s work is often derivative: I don’t mean that in a derogatory manner, but…

Goodbye Rubberhead

When I was a child, one of the albums that was played over and over…

The “Lure of the Local”

“Travel is the only context in which some people ever look around. If we spent half…

Contemplation and Consideration

Assistant Curator Emma German’s Hot Talk took place on Slow Art Day. This was appropriate,…