mahtay cafe

MABO: the primacy of colour

MABO (Matthias Bork) is the lastest artist to be the focus of our ongoing Artist Features at the Sound. HIs work is vibrant and engaging, and all about colour.

Erica Sherwood: ..far from prison that’s where I long to be..

Erica Sherwood’s exhibition of painterly photographs is both visually interesting but also offers sites of contemplation and consideration.

Improv-ing Niagara One Year At A Time

This past March, Niagara comedy troupe Improv Niagara celebrated their first year of engaging audiences through their monthly Improv Fallout event in the Community Room at Mahtay Café.

On Reading

Why do I would keep doing this to myself if I seem to hate it so much?

Subtlety and Depth: June-Etta Chenard

June-Etta Chenard’s work is both aesthetically and conceptually evocative, and she’s the focus of the latest artist feature in The Sound.

A Movement of Markets

Please make it one of your end-of-year commitments or new year’s resolutions to check out…

Alexandra Sandison’s nomade

Alexandra Sandison’s exhibition nomade is a good introduction to the latest visual artist highlighted in our ongoing artist’s features in The Sound.

No One ‘Matches’ Better than Tragedy Ann

Tragedy Ann is Liv Cazzola and Braden Phelan: two voices together in such harmony that…

My City - Joel Smith
A City Rarely Seen

Though not all the images are of, and in, Niagara, there’s also this elevation of the local to a more engaging level.

Malcolm Gear: A Contrasted Aesthetic

My initial interaction with Malcolm Gear’s work was in the Grimsby Bi Annual exhibition, with…