Matthew Murphy

An Interview with Dear Rouge

If you have good tunes and your hard-working there will be a path for you…

Beards, Bros & Funny Bones: An Interview with Tim Millar of Protest the Hero

Beard connoisseur, father, “wicked-awesome” guitarist and composer. Tim Millar, from Protest the Hero, has 20/20…


By Matthew Murphy

Hard Working Hollerado: The Simple Math of Success

“I feel like a lot of indie labels are born out of the realization that, oh, we aren’t really getting any response from anyone we are sending these songs to, so I guess we will just do it ourselves.”

Prophets: Couldn’t Predict This

By Matthew Murphy

Episode 14 – The Sound STC Podcast

“Your Source of Arts & Culture in Niagara” Action packed episode featuring Rafik from Livestock…

Episode 12 – The Sound STC Podcast

Episode 12 is a real steamer! We have Niagara born resident and visual artist Danny…

Episode 9 – The Sound STC Podcast

In this episode we have special guest Lacie Williamson (who runs the 24 James St.…

Episode 8 – The Sound STC Podcast

In this episode we catch up with Dee Jones of In The Soil/Suitcase In Point,…