Strange Happenings & Rare Findings: Emily Andrews at NAC

Emily Andrews presents a new body of work in the Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery at NAC, continuing her surreal yet exquisitely painted series that is both eerie and enthralling.

Jennifer Castle Brings Her Angels of Death to Sonic Glow

Jennifer Castle performs on Saturday, September 21 at the Niagara Artists Centre as part of SONIC GLOW.

A transient permanence: Poetry for The Young at NAC

An exhibition on display in the Dennis Tourbin Gallery at NAC presents work by two artists that contrast and conflict in terms of process and permanence.

When Love Wilts, Jon Lepp Takes His Way

While taking some time from fronting the seven piece folk/psych band, Fat Moth, Jon Lepp…

Subtlety and Depth: June-Etta Chenard

June-Etta Chenard’s work is both aesthetically and conceptually evocative, and she’s the focus of the latest artist feature in The Sound.

RP2 at NAC

Ready Player Two is a collaborative exhibition at NAC between Brendan Lee Salish Tang and Sonny Assu that is as multifaceted as it is meticulous.

Kicking Cadaver at NAC

Dan Romano’s exhibition Kicking Cadaver at NAC is both eerie and evocative work that will both attract and confound the viewer.

Dennis Tourbin La ville dort
Dennis Tourbin La ville dort (The city sleeps)

Some thoughts and impressions on Dennis Tourbin’s La ville dort in the lastest iteration of Up Close and In Motion at Rodman Hall.

Music and Meaning

Songs from the Willow is a six-month collaborative music writing project that will result in a full album of music. Members are involved in every aspect: from lyric writing to music composing, album packaging, music recording, organizing an album release party, and social media marketing.

SOUND + VISION on the TCO Terrace

Although it was early September, one of the finest moments of last Summer was when…