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Deconstructed / Reassembled Portraiture: Kim Van Stygeren

I cut my teeth (sometimes literally, on people) as an arts writer on the Prairies,…

5th Annual Art Show and Toy Drive at Studio 4 Tattoo Parlour in support of Gillian’s Place

The 5th Annual Art Show and Toy Drive, at Studio 4 Tattoo Parlour in Downtown St. Catharines, is an annual event to support Gilian’s Place. Amber Lee Williams will be exhibiting new works, and its an evening of music and fun where you can #buymoreart to help out Gillian’s Place, this Christmas.

[re]making her [stories]: Carolyn Wren

Carolyn Wren’s massive retrospective Task at Hand, curated by Marcie Bronson, is an exhibition that is both visually and conceptually enticing.

Centre and Periphery: place defines / deforms history

Curator Asta McCann curates Centre and Periphery at the Riverbrink Art Museum, exploring the urban / rural split in the works of the Group of Seven, revisiting historical facts and fictions about the iconic painters.

Scott Sawtell: Playful Banquet

Scott Sawtell is the latest artist to be the focus of an artist feature, with his vibrant and expressive works in paint.

All the world’s a stage: Montmollin’s Dreams, Delusions, and Other Traffic Circles

Gabrielle de Montmollin’s artwork is both absurd and alluring, and her series Dreams, Delusions and Other Traffic Circles is an example of her extensive and engaging lens based work.

Landmarks of History and Place: Art In The Open

Art In the Open is an online resource to explore and engage with public art, from cenotaphs to artworks to memorials to monuments, in Niagara.

Dennis Tourbin La ville dort
Dennis Tourbin La ville dort (The city sleeps)

Some thoughts and impressions on Dennis Tourbin’s La ville dort in the lastest iteration of Up Close and In Motion at Rodman Hall.

Shelter and Symbolism

“Housing is absolutely essential to human flourishing. Without stable shelter, it all falls apart.” (M.…

“The bottom is a really interesting place”

Bevan Ramsay’s installation of sculptural work Lesser Gods opened at NAC on May 11th: it’s…