Technology Takes Centre Stage Keeping Communities Connected

As a weary planet is dragged through yet another month of deadly COVID-19 and resulting far-reaching restrictions, Niagara’s sexual- and gender-diverse community is coping as best it can to keep the rainbow shining.

OUT and abOUT: NFCHC Initiatives Support Queer / Trans Youth

A community health centre in Niagara Falls is one of several Niagara agencies that found a gap in the support of underserved queer/trans youth and filled it.

OUT AND abOUT: OUTniagara Celebrates Past, Plans for Future

This column takes a look at the year behind, while looking to the future of OUTniagara.


Every year, from Nov. 24 until World AIDS Day on Dec. 1, we commemorate AIDS Awareness Week.

LBGTQ+ In the City: OUTniagara

I would love to take this opportunity to properly introduce OUTniagara to everyone. I approached…

LGBTQ+ in the City: Mason Coates

For the March Edition of LGBTQ+ in the City we sat down with Mason Coates to hear his story of transformation.

LGBTQ+ In the City: Be Happy These Holidays

I would like to start this article off by saying thanks to you, the readers,…