A Eulogy for Rodman Hall

Rodman Hall Art Centre closed with the COVID pandemic, but is likely to never re open. This is more so a culmination of Brock University’s ‘demolition through neglect’ than anything caused by COVID. Some final thoughts on the saga of this soon to be lost site of culture and history in Niagara.

Familial Motifs Bring Custodio’s Patterns To Life

Danny Custodio’s exhibition of new works opened at Rodman Hall Art Centre this fall, and is both seductive visually and a piece of social history, touching upon the immigrant experience in Niagara.

This is Not the Answer: Brock University plans to sell Rodman Hall

Brock University is on the verge of announcing their plan to seek a buyer / developer for Rodman Hall and have all staff and artworks removed by the end of December 2019, several sources report.

Up Close and In Motion (faraway, so close)

An examination, looking backwards and forwards, of Up Close and In Motion; a year long exploration of the collection of Rodman Hall Art Centre.

Twins, doppelgängers and fetchs

Phase 8 of Up Close and In Motion at Rodman is curated by artist Jimmy Limit, who also visually responds to the works he’s chosen from the RHAC collection for the Hansen Gallery. Your intrepid #artcriticfromhell offers a response.

October Fragments

Dennis Tourbin’s October Fragments is the latest work in Emma German’s curatorial project Up Close and In Motion that evokes questions of history and politics, focused upon one of the most contentious moments in Canadian history.

Dennis Tourbin La ville dort
Dennis Tourbin La ville dort (The city sleeps)

Some thoughts and impressions on Dennis Tourbin’s La ville dort in the lastest iteration of Up Close and In Motion at Rodman Hall.

Contemplation and Consideration

Assistant Curator Emma German’s Hot Talk took place on Slow Art Day. This was appropriate,…

More than surface: Just Resting Your Eyes at Rodman Hall

It’s necessary to first acknowledge that Just Resting My Eyes, the first of the two…