Rodman Hall Art Centre

An Autopsy for Rodman Hall

Brock University has announced that Rodman Hall Art Centre is sold, to a developer, and that the collection is to be transferred to Rodman Hall Art Centre, Inc. We offer an in depth response to this, challenging the assertions and ideas of this ongoing saga.

Rodman Hall: a survey and warning

The City of St. Catharines assembled a Rodman Hall Task Force this past year: an online survey about RHAC can be filled out, until this Monday, April 13, 2020. I offer some reasons why this is important, that are both current and looking back over the past few years.

Imagined Urban Gardens

Imagined Urban Gardens is an exhibition of works by Brock Students that offers both positive, and more edged, responses, ‘dreaming of green spaces and pleasantly warm cities.’

Bombs and Bodies: an alternate reading of Wren’s War Map Dress Trilogy

Carolyn Wren’s installation War Map Dress Trilogy, part of her larger retrospective at Rodman Hall Art Centre, offers a more political, and more disturbing commentary on our current political and social climate than might initially be considered. We offer a darker response to this very charged piece, in this brief return to the exhibition.

October Fragments

Dennis Tourbin’s October Fragments is the latest work in Emma German’s curatorial project Up Close and In Motion that evokes questions of history and politics, focused upon one of the most contentious moments in Canadian history.

Dennis Tourbin La ville dort
Dennis Tourbin La ville dort (The city sleeps)

Some thoughts and impressions on Dennis Tourbin’s La ville dort in the lastest iteration of Up Close and In Motion at Rodman Hall.

“Recovery Happens in the Community”

When you visit the most recent (the fourth, so far) exhibition of works by artists…

More than surface: Just Resting Your Eyes at Rodman Hall

It’s necessary to first acknowledge that Just Resting My Eyes, the first of the two…

The Radcliffe Line & Other Geographies

By Bart Gazzola