Rodman Hall

What About Rodman Hall? A Fall Update

It’s been an eventful Summer between Brock University and Rodman Hall, with many changes in their ‘relationship.’ The Sound offers an update and information on this ongoing saga.

Your City: Your Arts Awards

The 2019 St. Catharines Arts Awards take place on May 3rd, and we offer a teaser about several of the nominees and how culture is capital, both human and otherwise, in the Garden City.

Architecture of Fear: Spin and Silence

Some further updates and information, as well as the various community responses at a regional and national level, to Brock University’s controversial plans for Rodman Hall Art Centre.

Willow Winter Works

The Willow Arts Community presents their Winter Arts Exhibition at Rodman Hall. This is the latest in their community oriented arts initiatives, but how will this survive Brock’s plans for Rodman Hall?

Ephemeral Architecture: Natalie Hunter at RHAC

Natalie Hunter’s solo exhibition at Rodman Hall is an installation that plays with light and form, and responds to the unique Hansen Gallery.

A Place To Stand

Heather Hart’s Northern Oracle at Rodman Hall offers a site for interaction and speaking that is both historical and personal.

Up Close and In Motion (faraway, so close)

An examination, looking backwards and forwards, of Up Close and In Motion; a year long exploration of the collection of Rodman Hall Art Centre.

Twins, doppelgängers and fetchs

Phase 8 of Up Close and In Motion at Rodman is curated by artist Jimmy Limit, who also visually responds to the works he’s chosen from the RHAC collection for the Hansen Gallery. Your intrepid #artcriticfromhell offers a response.

Culture Days 2018

September is when Niagara “wakes up” (especially after the humid languid Summer) and this is…

October Fragments

Dennis Tourbin’s October Fragments is the latest work in Emma German’s curatorial project Up Close and In Motion that evokes questions of history and politics, focused upon one of the most contentious moments in Canadian history.