Suitcase in Point

Tragedy Ann’s Heirlooms

Guelph, Ontario’s forward-looking folk duo, Tragedy Ann, ask us to pause and look back through…

‘Get the good grit up in your teeth’: your intrepid #artcriticfromhell’s guide to #inthesoilfest2019

Your intrepid #artcriticfromhell offers his annual guide to the In the Soil Arts Festival in early June.

The Tale of a Town: Canada

Ten years ago, Fixt Point started working on their The Tale of a Town production…

2016: A Year in Music

“It was a complicated year.”

The Toys Are Back in Town

By Rob Nunn

Chapter 12: The Company

By Heather Lowe

Suitcase in Point – An Oral History

By Chris Illich