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The Tale of a Town: Canada

The Tale of a Town: Canada

Ten years ago, Fixt Point started working on their The Tale of a Town production – a site specific theatre and media project that brought them across Canada listening to over 3,000 stories about local heritage and culture.

The first production took place in 2008 in Parkdale in Toronto. Fixt Point were trying to celebrate their neighbourhood and how great it was.

“The first show was intended to have people think about the places they frequent and realize what makes a great community. I saw my old home in Ancaster and the downtown I grew up in – which was destroyed when all the big-box stores moved in. Instead of doing something negative in response, we decided to do something that celebrated local culture,” said Lisa Marie DiLiberto, Artistic Director of Fixt Point and Co-Creator of The Tale of a Town.

The Tale of a Town: Canada tells the tales of the company gathering stories across every province and territory, while still placing the host city in the context of the national piece. In 2015 Fixt Point in collaboration with Suitcase in Point brought The Tale of a Town to St. Cattharines for a brief run at the Oddfellows Hall. The upcoming production will feature a live band, a local barbershop choir, and will feature some of the cast from Suitcase in Point as well.

“Every place we go, we insert local content. So in the last show we had stories about Arts Diner and the St. Catharines Standard, which will remain in this national narrative,” said DiLiberto. “Our goal is to show audiences how St. Catharines fits into this bigger project.”

You can check out The Tale of a Town podcast on iTunes, and their TV show on TVOntario, or visit their website at

The Tale of a Town: Canada runs from January 25-27 in Robertson Theatre at the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre. Ticket information can be found at

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