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The Bae Beach Club Know Their Escape

The Bae Beach Club Know Their Escape

From The Company to Know, and now The Bae Beach Club, Kiki Klassen and company have been making summer-y beach laden tunes for the past few years, but needed a new name to help them convey their music.

“Know was a bit confusing and vague […] we found it tough to communicate [the band] to others. We just thought that we needed a name that better represented our vibe,” said Klassen.

For fans, their previous music is still in tact, just under a new name. Were they worried that a name change would stop their upward trajectory?

“Not at all. In this day and age, it’s pretty difficult to get left out of the loop via social media. It’s hard to miss things when you’re constantly exposed,” she said.

Under the new name, The Bae Beach Club hasn’t done much yet, aside from a performance at In the Soil, an upcoming performance at Canadian Music Week and their subsequent EP release for Our Escape which takes place at the Warehouse on May 19. But as Know they released an EP and travelled across Canada to record their album at Monarch Studios in Vancouver via the VIA Rail Artists on Board program.

“We played three times a day in the three different classes of the train. We almost always had a full car of very engaged and kind people from two years old to 98. The sights were breathtaking and the overall trip was everything we could’ve asked for,” she said.

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Once they reached their destination, they recorded their upcoming EP with Tom Dobzranski of the Zolas.

“We had a really clear vision of what we were going for and we stuck to it. The album is about an ongoing theme of life,” said Klassen. “It’s what everone is always thinking about, what could be better and how to get there.”

The Bae Beach Club releaes Our Escape on May 19 at the Warehouse with support from Boyscout.

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