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The Handsome Devils Aim To Pleasantly Surprise

The Handsome Devils Aim To Pleasantly Surprise

“Let’s start a family band,” said somebody a few years back, and so The Handsome Devils were born. “All of our members are related except for one,” says vocalist and guitarist, Jon Goold, “but he’s sort of an adopted brother.”

Based out of Hamilton, the band also has strong Niagara roots with members Nathanial Goold (Jon’s brother) and Emily Andrews. “It’s a big band,” says Goold, “harmonica, guitar, bass, drums, pedal steel and everybody sings so it’s a big sound.”

The band released their third album, Nose to the Rhinestone, in March 2019. The eight track album was recorded with Bob Doidge at Grant Avenue Studio, in Hamilton. “It was a really cool vibe in there,” says Goold, “we might have done a couple overdubs, but everything on the album is what we were playing live.” Goold writes the tunes and then the band fills in the gaps, without too much disagreement “because we’re all family,” explains Good, “it’s not as hard as it could be, when we get together to jam we’re also hanging out, which is really nice.”

2019 will mark the band’s first performance at In the Soil Festival. Goold is looking forward to the performance: “if you like to dance, we play a lot of tunes that encourage dancing. If you like that old school country sound, that translates to toe-tapping and getting out of your seat because you recognize the rhythm of country music, I think that you’ll love it.”

 “We’re not famous or anything like that,” says Goold, “but we make an effort to make our audience feel included in our shows, and we work really hard to encourage everyone around to have a good time and enjoy the music. It’ll be fun.”

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Favourite ITS moment: For Goold, it’s all about the ambience at In the Soil: “it’s a great festival, very chill, it was a really nice time – the ease of the festival, you could pick and choose what you wanted to hear, and there was a real sense of community.”

The Handsome Devils will be appearing at the Niagara Artist’s Centre (the NAC) Rooftop Terrace on Saturday, June 8, at 3:30pm.

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