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The Just Ripe: Cider

The Just Ripe: Cider

That good ol’saying… April showers brings May flowers. Well, my April brings beautiful bottles filled with delicate bubbles, and I am not really thinking about May. April is hands down, my favorite month of the year. The changing of the seasons from Winter to Spring; the warm sunshine and ever so exciting possibility of hitting the patio. Not forgetting that my birthday is also at the end of the month and however selfish that may seem I love a good birthday celebration and all of the drinks that come with it.

Lately I have been sipping down a super affordable super delish and super fancy cider. How though, can one bottle be all of those things? It’s topped with a gorgeous layer of foam that lingers on the surface just long enough to cause that lip biting excitement! Sitting in your glass you’ll notice the spritz as it dancing around. It’s like having an orb of sunshine in your glass, an entrancing colour that you can’t quite peel your eyes off of. Sort of like that moment, when you’re in a room full of people and spot a beautiful woman across the room. She’s looking a you. Even though the room is crammed with others your and attention is trying to be pulled away, you can’t break that eye contact. It’s the perfect moment. This cider is a cup of that moment. Fresh, something you can’t peel your attention from and exciting. It is super dry and has a sort of chamomile tea essence. It’s a slice of freshly squeezed meyer lemon, tons of crushed, bruised apple and has an amazing wood over pizza crust characteristic. It really is, just what I said before…sunshine in a glass.

This Cider is bottle fermented. That means the bubbles are made inside the bottle. It is unfiltered which is trate I really love; for me it give this cider texture and mouth feeling that lasts and adds to a thought out finish. It had also had heaps of lees contact(time spent with the yeast) and that provides it with all of the fresh baked goods… and who doesn’t love that.

I am and will always be obsessing over bubbles. Beautiful, bottle fermented and delicate bubbles. The ones that bounce around on your tongue and bring a huge smile to your face. Everything this bottle has to offer just brings pure enjoyment. Get it cold, pop it open and enjoy your April. I will be enjoying mine.

Cider: 2015 Tawse Winery Spark Apple Cider
Winery: Tawse Winery
Address: 3955 Cherry Avenue, Vineland, ON
Price: $13.15 for 750ml, 8%abv
WARNING: You will find some of that lovely lees on the bottom of the bottle. If you don’t want it in your glass, pour your last taste with caution. I am not shy of that though I’ll shake that shit up and drink it down. YUM

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