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The Just Ripe: Exonerated & Unfiltered

The Just Ripe: Exonerated & Unfiltered

Sometimes I worry myself wondering if my constant preaching about light, fun and unpretentious reds is getting old… but I just can’t get enough.

In early June I was able to help out both friend and amazing local winemaker Morgan Juniper as she bottled the 2017 Pinot Noir and Gamay blend from 16 Mile Cellars that goes by the name Exonerated. It’s dynamic, yet not challenging… pretty and robust, but overall, it’s just a very consumable red wine. The perfect wine to take you from the poolside barbeque to long nights spent watching reruns or binge watching Netflix in your living room. Not to mention, I love being able to support and talk about an amazing female winemaker that Niagara needs to keep an eye on. Juniper is passionate about making honest wine that’s driven with a passion for minimal intervention and is at a fresh stage in her soon-to-be big influence on Niagara Wine.

This wine is jammed full of raspberries with super bright acidity, slightly sour cherries and has a soft mouth feel that leaves your palate coated in veil of liquid velvet. It contains all of the complexity of the lyrics to ‘When Doves Cry’ by Prince, but all the while is carried through the entire song with a fun and peppy uplifting beat that makes you want to dance. It’s a serious wine that flirts with you. It makes you want to meet it during your highschool football game underneath the bleachers to swap some spit. In fact, its brightness actually brings a small smile to my face as my mouth starts to slightly drool from the rush of acidity that reminds me of bursting berries just ever so slightly under ripe. It’s an unfiltered wine that has so much life still left in it and tastes the same today in the bottle as it tasted a few months ago when we were so lucky to taste it from the tank and unyet bottled.

This is a wine that I have been anticipating all summer and it is finally here. This is a wine built for summer nights and good moods. If you have the opportunity, I suggest that you get yourself over to taste through all that 16 Mile Cellars has to offer. You can taste through the colours of the wine rainbow there, from white, to pink, to red, and choose from their dynamic portfolio for which suits you best. Until then… you’ll find me soaking up these warm summer nights and enjoying all this light red has to offer.

Wine: 2017 Exonerated Pinot Noir, Unfiltered

$$$: $19.95

Winery: 16 Mile Cellars

Address: 3555 Eleventh St. St Catharines

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