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The Just Ripe: Let’s Get Re-Charded

The Just Ripe: Let’s Get Re-Charded

In my early twenties you wouldn’t catch me drinking a glass of white wine let alone a glass of Chardonnay.

However, this was back in my preschool wine drinking days… even though sometimes I feel like I am still only just drinking at an elementary grade. I used to search out big juicy and impossibly oaky Cab Sauvs… not that there’s anything wrong with that, it is just literally all I knew.

My first real tango with white was a steamy one. At first sip she spun me round, dipped me down and danced all over my palate with the fastest steps and a took long sexy tango-esque lunge to top it off. Since then I’ve dived deep into wines and really haven’t tried to spend much time thinking about what colour they are… just deciding whether I liked them or not.

I am totally head over heels for this flinty, salty and lemony little bitty from Leaning Post… and her name is Chardonnay. It’s called The Fifty 2017 Chardonnay and its delicious. On the nose, it smells like peaches, pears and limes drenched in my favorite aroma of flint – although most might call that “limestone”. Picture taking two grey rocks and banging them together like a caveman(flinty).

It’s tangy, zesty like lemons and has a touch of licorice on the palate. It finishes so long and so salty but without giving you the immediate urge to chug a glass of water. This isn’t what you would think of for a “traditional Chardonnay” and by traditional I am referring to the over oaked Chards that usual come from larger Cali producers you know… meyer lemon, pineapple maybe some banana and oak, oak OAK! Close your eyes and sip away; I’m sure it will taste nothing like what you’re expecting and I am positive it will please. Chill this wine only slightly, if over chilled it will really mute the complex flavours and texture that it has to offer

This is from a great winery that is probably the furthest winery out of town… unless you’re driving from Hamilton area. It is most definitely is a must visit recommendation of mine. The tasting experience is great and they have many more great wines to tastes other then this amazing Chardonnay.
On that note, I think I will pour myself another glass.

Wine : The Fifty 2017 Chardonnay
Winery : Leaning Post Winery
Price: $22
Address: 1419 Hwy 8, Stoney Creek
FUN FACT: this winery is almost located in three different cities: Stoney Creek, Hamilton & Winona.

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