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The Just Ripe: Pet Nat

The Just Ripe: Pet Nat

There are a number of reasons I am officially “over” winter and the beginning of what I can’t believe I’m calling ”spring”. I am beyond ecstatic that May is finally here and has brought along with it, temperatures that are well into the double digits. Honestly we have finally had some great weather and I just can’t get enough. Stopping dead in my tracks in middle of the sidewalk and just soaking up the sun. Just feeling the rays hitting my face and the kiss of warmth all over makes me crave the taste of some sort of “patio sipper”… and maybe in this case a “patio chugger”.

I almost couldn’t contain the anticipation I felt when I saw on Rosewoods Instagram that they were releasing their zero-add 2017 Nebulous pétillant naturel (translates to natural sparkling) – a wine I only had the opportunity to try once when they released their 2016 vintage. If you can remember back to grade school science the word Nebulous: in the form of a cloud or haze; hazy… and in this case a beautiful delicious pink cloud. This wine oozes coolness, from the colour to the label and all the way to the bubble. Rosewood really nailed it with the look of this wine, it’s just as gorgeous and just as Instagrammable as all of the Glossier we gals are going crazy for. The label features a beautiful watercolour painting of a cloud in warm colours and you’ll find on the back the names of the name of the design artists. The colour of the wine is an iridescent sort of peachy-pink that almost looks as if its glowing. It smells like lounging outside on hot spring days and tastes even better. Its cherries, watermelon, strawberries and all the best pink and red fruits. It has hints of lemon pith, almost even the really thick pith you’ll find in a bright pink grapefruit. It also has this amazing earthy musk which smells like… what I am guessing the earth would smell like after taking itself for a brisk walk. When first trying this wine all I could think of was sour cherry blasters, this great flavour, and an acidity that adds a pucker to your cheek. With beautiful bubbles that dance on your tongue and bring a smile to your face and the thought that your shorts and t-shirt days are not too far away.

So as you’re preparing for the nicer weather be sure to stock your fridge with this amazing wine. It will run you $25 and can be purchased at the winery or online. With a total of 1498 bottles made, a purchase limit of 6 bottles per person and only 185 bottles left in stock, you need to get your hands on this wine before it’s all gone!

Wine : 2017 Nebulous Pét Nat
Winery : Rosewood Winery
Address : 4352 Mountainview Rd, Beamsville ON
Website :
Fun Fact : Pét Nat is a really cool way to make sparkling wine.
It is when a wine is bottled during its primary fermentation with around 5% sugar left under ‘crown cap’. The rest of the fermentation takes place inside the bottle where the CO2 that is produced is forced back into the wine.Thus creating the perfectly enjoyable fizzzzzzz.

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