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The Kerouacs Ready Their ‘Ceremony’

The Kerouacs Ready Their ‘Ceremony’

By Arih Struger-Kalkman (

The Kerouacs are one of Niagara’s hardest working rock bands. In 2016, which they described as a ‘light year’, the band played approximately 50 shows, including an eastern tour all the way to Prince Edward Island.

Somehow, they also found time to record a new EP, Not a Ceremony. This will be their first release since their self-titled album came out in 2014. The new recording mark a departure from the first album, which was recorded in a studio over several months. The five tracks for the new EP were recorded over only four days in a woodshed on guitarist and vocalist Elias Regier’s property. The group had planned to record at a studio in Toronto; however the building was sold shortly before they were scheduled to record.

According to guitarist and vocalist, Peter Schmoll, it was a stroke of luck rather than a misfortune:“We weren’t sure what the quality would be in the woodshed, but sonically, it turned out to be the coolest block of recordings we’ve ever done.”

The song that drew the band back to recording was “Satisfy Me”. “Elias wrote the riff and we knew it would be a good song” said Schmoll. He built on Elias’ riff and recorded a demo of the song with bassist, Evan Wiens and together they presented it to Regier. That demo became the catalyst that got the group hungry to record, resulting in a new record with a new feel.

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The group will release the new EP on December 23 at the L3 Nightclub, in St. Catharines. Joining the Kerouacs will be Big Lonely (Burlington) and Matt Sajn (Welland).

In advance of the release, the band has released a single “I Feel the Stones Cry Out” and a live version of “Satisfy Me”, which was filmed and recorded at the woodshop.

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