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The Treetops Talk Blank Slates

The Treetops Talk Blank Slates

The Treetops have been quietly existing for the last two years, playing gigs here and there, but 2019 is destined to be their year. Although they have gone through a few roster changes, that didn’t stop the group from recording Roots – what they called, a ‘rough 4-song EP.‘ Within their debut EP, The Treetops were able to make their songs speak larger than their age as a band.

Rough it’s not.

Perhaps, it’s because over half the band has been performing within the local music scene for over a decade. Marv Bell (bassist) played in Downtown Drama and Failing Grade. Scott Blake (drums) got his start in Journey To Aspen and traveled around with Christalyne, and Vanessa Lepp was the pianist in Lambs Become Lions and then performed alongside vocalist Eric Conlon.

While the other members have never been in ‘bands’, their experiences within the arts brought them towards the group

Their four song EP, Roots, is a nice, sunny collection of indie-surf songs with jangly guitar riffs that are accented by Alexandra Tomulescu vocals. Vanessa Lepp, guitarist of the group informed that the group is currently finishing up their follow up to Roots: Tabula Rasa.

“I attended the Concurrent Education program at Brock University to become a French teacher and, during my Child and Youth Studies courses, I learned about John Lock’s ‘Tabula Rasa’ theory,” she explained.

“To put it very basically: it’s the philosophy that the human mind is a blank slate at birth and that perception and experience shape our minds as we grow […] We all had our own connection to the theory and the idea, so it all sort of came together while we were eating dinner at Pho Dau Bo.

The album was recorded at Newcomb Studio with Adam Newcomb, just outside of Cobourg, ON. The first single from the upcoming album is a re-recording of their song ‘Quality Time with Kobe’ and they’ll be releasing a video for the song within the month of February. For the music video, the band worked with a local film company called Broken Window Productions, and ‘ the song was originally written to emphasize the importance of getting away from the stresses of everyday life once in a while to just focus on being present and feeling good, much like one would feel at the beach.” Lepp was happy to say that the video resonates with these ideas.

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While there is another re-recording of a fan favourite from Roots, ‘Good Ol’ Pete’, the rest of the songs feature prominent themes of self discovery / self identity, nature and environmental issues and current political and world issues, “and, of course, there are a fair share of love songs, too.

Look for Tabula Rasa to drop later this year.

The Treetops perform at Warehouse on February 28 with Northern Heirs and Moonfox

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