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The Weather Wild Release Debut EP – A Track-by-Track Breakdown.

The Weather Wild Release Debut EP – A Track-by-Track Breakdown.

St. Catharines ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ act The Weather Wild released their debut EP on September 13 and we asked their lead singer, Nolan Jodes, if they would give us a track-by-track breakdown of the songs that comprise the EP. What follows is a unique opportunity to listen to the record and hear some of the inspirations behind it.

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“We’re incredibly proud of the five songs that make up our debut EP… so here’s a little insight into each song. As far as the song writing goes on this EP, typically one of us brings an idea to the table in skeletal form – like a riff or a melody – and we jam it out to see if there’s something worth working through. The rest of the band puts their fingerprints on that idea and it turns into a real Weather Wild song.

I am, by my admission, the laziest lyricist on the planet. In fact, a little-known secret is that I am usually making up all my lyrics live, then I end up kicking myself when it comes time to record them for not being more diligent about writing. I have been known to scramble and frantically start writing minutes before recording. I don’t recommend it.

– Nolan Jodes

One More Round – This is one of those songs that had been floating around for far too long… Jay (Edonel) added this cool guitar run of octaves over top of what I was playing and it instantly added some energy that wasn’t really there before. Our drummer Kevin (Donovan), is really hard-hitting and for the most part we force him to dial down his intensity to better suit some of our stuff, but on this one we let him give it hell and I think you really hear that from the first beat. Brad put this really great bass line on the track when we were in the studio (Joe Lapinski’s WOW Sound) I can honestly say I always knew Brad (Hewitt) was a good bass player, but that day really made me think he was a great one. Lyrically, there’s not much subtext to it.

Train – I think Train is the first song of Jay’s pre-existing demos I wrote a melody to. I remember being so unsure of myself that I sent it to Jay over text/voicemail in case he hated it. We really didn’t know each other yet so I was nervous putting it out there. Many anxious minutes later, he messaged back that he really dug it, and boom, the song was born! Jay had always called the demo “Train” due to the shuffle beat he had in mind – I just sort of followed along lyrically. I overheard someone referring to their past relationship as being a train-wreck, and so I used that idea as fodder to put the lyrics together.

Melvin S. This song is named after Melvin Spivey – a minor character in Dazed and Confused. Oddly, the name came before the lyrics because the groove of the song always reminds me of the scene where Melvin is wasted at a party and tries to dance only to realize he’s too wasted and sits down after about four seconds. That song really showcases how great Lauren (Leprich) is. She really shines in Melvin. From the bridge out it’s really her driving the bus.

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Word Around – Word Around is the darkest song on the EP. I think it shines most in the extended instrumental sections. Sandro (Rocco) and Lauren kind of switch off between each other and really give it this really haunting vibe that I just love. I always worried that recording it and not editing it for time would make it feel too slow, but those two manage to keep things interesting. Every time I listen to it I hear something new, and I think it’s my favorite song on the EP. Special shout out to Joe Lapinski for helping to fill out those backup vocals.

OMG – Lyrically I think this song has the most depth. I worked many years as a paramedic. You see some of the best people on their worst days. A woman having a really tough time struggling with her mental illness kept repeating to me that she needed someone to give her strength to get through this… It resonated with me for a long time and so the whole song is based on that plea.

The Weather Wild perform at Cicada Music and Arts Festival on October 5.

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