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The Yack: November 2018

The Yack: November 2018

The ethereal and entrancing Tokyo-based Mouse on the Keys return to downtown St. Catharines on Thursday November 8 at Warehouse. The trio perform with Sacramento’s Tera Melos. Mouse on the Keys consist of Akira Kawasaki, Atsushi Kiyota and Daisuke Niitome and they merge elements of post-rock with jazz, heady visuals and ever-changing sounds that are somehow both minimal and perfectly spacious. It’s kind of like the arrow in the FedEx logo – once you see it, you can never NOT see it. The band’s new album tres toys with bedroom R&B and features Montreal-based vocalist Dominique Fils-Amié on two tracks. If you’re a fan of Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky or Nicholas Jaar, you’re not going to want to miss this show. If you miss it, you’re likely a dumb dumb.
Tera Melos are a like a triple-decker club sandwich where math-meets-experimental rock The bread: modern indie rock, accessible and absorbing. The cheese: tangy math rock elements a la Don Cabellero or Maps and Atlases. The lettuce — you know what? This metaphor sucks. Both Tera Melos and Mouse on the Keys are playing at The Mod Club in Toronto the night be-fore, and then on Nov 8 at the much more intimate, much closer venue Warehouse. It’s only 15 bucks and you don’t have to pay for parking. You have no excuse.

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How’s everyone doing so far? Good? Ok, let’s shift gears for like 45 seconds. The municipal election. Well done St. Catharines, one third of us voted. HOORAY! We used our rights and intuition to shake down Regional Council (for the most part). After years of sketchy ass shit and questionable decisions, we helped clean house (Well, a third of us did at least). Embattled for-mer Regional Chair Alan Caslin came 20th out of 23 candidates. The only reason for this political blip in this column is a single question. Who are the over 1900 people that voted for him?

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On Friday November 23, Indigenous electronic DJs and producers A Tribe Called Red make their FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre debut in Partridge Hall. Yes, that Partridge Hall. But how you ask? Well, this won’t be your traditional electro show full of dance floor bangers. I’ve heard there will be sweet jams, and room to dance, but this show will be given some room to breathe and potentially some moments to learn about what goes into making A Tribe Called Red beat and so on. The duo made up of Bear Witness and 2oolman recently had a perfor-mance featured on a TED Talk that hinted at a new direction. 2018’s Group of the Year at the Junos said this on twitter about the performance: “[We] wanted to offer something that went even deeper into the Halluci Nation concept. The ideas that we came up with are going to be central to the next phase for A Tribe Called Red.” I don’t know about you, but I’m super stoked to learn about this next phase. See you at the PAC at the end of November.

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