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@TheJustRipe: #GamayAllDay

@TheJustRipe: #GamayAllDay

Oh yeah, summer in Niagara. Soaking up the heat as you kick back and relax with a refreshing glass of red wine. Seriously, while the rest of my friends are Instagramming their way through a selection of Provence Rosé’s coming out of Vintages at the LCBO, I will be chugging back light, chilled and totally refreshing reds. Now I am not saying I have sworn off Rosé in its entirety… I am just saying it’s not your only option on these hot summer days.

Let’s take Cave Springs 2016 Gamay. This is a red that is just so damn delicious it will make you want to stand up your friends, call in sick to work and raincheck everything else you’ve got going on. Chill it just so, to bring out its bright acidity and its tart strawberry taste, a tartness that will keep you coming back sip after sip. This wine isn’t stewed fruits and dark jars of jam, nor, is it the sweaty smell of dripping old tobacco worn leather. Its youthful, exciting and honestly just fun. It has hints of cherry on the nose and palate, like a big bowl of them, topped with a light dusting of fine grind sweet black pepper. Hints of spice on the nose and a super soft round structure from the ten months aging in older oak. It’s colour might make you mistake it for Pinot Noir, light and bright like ruby’s sparking in the sunshine.

This wine is so crushable, I have been refilling my glass this whole time and realizing now I am almost at the end of my bottle. This wine, when served chilled will make you crave to be laid up poolside with oiled skin working on your sunkissed look that says, “Hey, I lay by the pool and drink Gamay all day #GamayAllDay.”

Wines to try chilled are wines of light to medium body with fruit forward aromas and tastes. Try varieties like Gamay and Pinot Noir and sometimes even blends of the two grape varieties. Light red wines you can find in Niagara; they are perfect wines to chill down and enjoy while the temperatures climb.

Wine: Cave Springs 2016 Gamay
Price: $16.95
Winery: Cave Springs Cellars
Address: 3836 Main St. Jordan Station, ON
Fun Fact: If you love Niagara Gamay like I do then you need to be drinking Beaujolais. Fingers crossed it will leave you out of breath and wanting more!

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