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@TheJustRipe: Le Provocateur Gamay Rose

@TheJustRipe: Le Provocateur Gamay Rose

Brosé; a Rosé for the bros..? A term that I have seen popping up all around the web and let’s face it, it’s catchy. Although many places across the globe produce amazingly complex, dry and savory Rosés that are for everyone regardless of what your genitals look like. I totally believe that Rosé should be enjoyed all year round non the less I definitely increase my Rosé intake in the hot months but nothing screams summer like PINK in a glass. Probably why it’s claimed the nick-name #summerwine and here we are, in the last final days of summer, reaching out my hands grasping my fists so tightly around these last few amazingly hot beautiful days where I can enjoy, bask in the sun before and drink Rosé… the same type of moments I daydream about as I scrape snow and ice off my car in the deep of winter.

Even though it might not seem it so far, I’m usually very tough on a Rosé that sways sweet however even though this one in smells almost like it could be sweet; like ripe almost bruised sweet apples with spice and sweetly fruit. On the palate it is bone dry and full of complexity it finishes like tart rhubarb rolled in toasted nuts and tossed in butter.

Seriously dry.

ELECTRIC pink all at the same time.

And it is delicious with my favorite meal.

SUSHI! Seriously sushi, the soya, ginger, wasabi and fish pairs perfectly with this savory Brosé. It doesn’t wilt under the big flavours and it also doesn’t over power the beautiful freshness of the raw fish. It’s almost like it has this essence of trying to be a Sake on the nose and slightly drinking like a red without the estringancy that makes it perfect match.

I digress; if you love summer and you love sushi, you should be drinking this wine. Whether you call it a Brosé or not this wine is beautiful through and through from the way it looks and smells to the way it tastes. It’s the wine that will casually fill the last few days of your summer holiday with pure joy.

Wine: 2017 Le Provocateur Gamay Rosé
Winery: Rosewood Winery
Address: 4352 Mountainview Rd. Beamsville
Price: $24.95 (worth every penny)
Fun Fact: This wine is made in a ‘saignée’ method which means ‘to bleed’
Its where they pull off some juice from the gamay grapes and juice while still on the skins…concentrating the red wine that’s left over.
It usually creates a more colourful and bolder style of Rosé.

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