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There’s Nothing Odd About These Birds

There’s Nothing Odd About These Birds

This past November, downtown’s newest hotspot opened their doors.
Little Bird? Dirty Bird? Nahh, ODDBIRD.

“We wanted a bird name, but ODDBIRD was the only thing that wasn’t taken that we could settle on,” said Justin Duc, chef and partner in the endeavor.

Duc along with Scott White opened their doors to ODDBIRD this past November to rave reviews. Fine dining with a street twist, ODDBIRD is kind of the fancy bar that you can go on a date with and eat lobster at, but still go in your sweats and eat a fried chicken sandwich after a late night.

“There’s a lot of great options for fine dining in St. Catharines. Bolete and Wellington Court are great, but we wanted to be that grimy restaurant downtown that sits in between that and the bars. Somewhere you can go and eat, have a beer and listen to rap music,” said Duc.
Fried chicken sandwiches, done ‘Haggard’ are the go-to at ODDBIRD, but the pair of White and Duc are serving up much more than that.

“We knew we could get away with serving up fried chicken, because we do it great, but we wanted to be able to do weird stuff too, that’s the whole appeal of having a chalkboard menu, we can add and take away whatever we want,” said White.

“But, we were also worried about being a fried chicken restaurant that was throwing out our venison because no one wanted it, but the response has been great.”

After working past jobs, Duc and White decided – both at the age of 29 – that they might as well try and create their ideal job – and acquired the space in March and were finally able to open this past November.

“We were really proud that we were able to just turn the sign over to ‘Open’ one day and we’ve been full everyday since then,” said Duc.

“Basically, we just wanted to build a place that we wanted to hang out at, and it’s nice to know that the food going out is going to be perfect,” said White.

ODDBIRD are located at 52 St. Paul St. in St. Catharines are open Tuesday-Saturday and are open from 11:30-12:30pm.

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