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These Guys Are Totally Girlfriend Material

These Guys Are Totally Girlfriend Material

As a modern Canadian musician, it is near impossible to not have respect for the other Canadian bands that have come before you, as well as your contemporaries. They all know the grind of touring across our vast country and the never ending struggle to stand out, not only in our landscape, but also, from the unspoken pressure to “be like American artists.” While a lot of being a musician can be frustrating, once in a while, artists, musicians, songwriters choose to band together and make another group, in hopes of capturing something amazing. That is exactly what happened with Tokyo Police Club and the recently split Hollerado formed Girlfriend Material.

While taking time away from his duties in Tokyo Police Club, Graham Wright was in the midst of finishing up an Indie-Horror film called Clean that he wrote and directed about a a killer Roomba. He realized that instead of optioning songs for the soundtrack and dealing with purchasing rights, he would take the endeavor upon himself. Calling on band mate Josh Hook and drummer of touring mates, Hollerado, Jake Boyd, as well as friend Joseph Garand, the four recorded what would become the first four song EP of Girlfriend Material.

“I think we recorded it in one or two days for everything. The problem was it was so fun and everyone loved the songs Graham had written.” says Boyd of the initial experience.

Something problematic when any two existing bands form a “Super Group” are questions of, is this a side project or a serious band? Will you go on tour? Or, is this something that will just be released as a fun recording?

“Whatever plan you make is probably not what is going to happen. Let me go on the record though and say that this is going to be a very serious band that both us and the audience at large will take very seriously. We are not going to have any fun at all; this will just be like a job to us.” Boyd jokingly quips. “To be totally honest, we just aren’t that sure. I can say that any opportunities that have come up, within reason, we are saying yes to.”

Any band that starts as a solo project also get the question, is this a group effort or a just guy with a few hired guns?

“Every band always exists of a group of friends. This will always be a men’s group that meets for coffee to discuss the issues of modern life regardless. I’ll always play music with people who I love. When I have something good or bad, even outside of music that I need to discuss, it is this group of friends that I will always turn to. This band has more or less been playing these great songs that Graham has written. He sends us demos where he has flushed out every instrument… basically, what I do on the drums is an expanded version of that. Graham will say take this frame work and at that point we all see how much we can get away with kind of fucking up his cool ideas.”

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With opportunities abound and the clout of originating from a few of Canada’s most notable bands, Girlfriend Material are set to bring their July 2019 released LP Cool Car, that features their honest and catchy version of rock ‘n’ roll doused in a healthy dose of DIY ethos, across Canada and more.

Girlfriend Material perform at Warehouse on Friday, February 7 with Pony & Lazy on the Weekend.

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