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These Little Nerves Keep Learning

These Little Nerves Keep Learning

Last year, local act My Son The Hurricane took the silky and smooth singer-songwriter, Oscar Anderson-Shortt, musically known as DRFTR, out on tour through the East Coast. After he bonding with some of the members of Hurricane, a decision to start a project of their own surfaced.

“In Halifax Cooper [Hannahson, drums] were starting to realize that we shared a lot of similar tastes and started joking about starting a band. Chris [Sipos, guitar] was there and said he’d be interested. Justin [Blake, bass] came outside where we were and we asked him if he’d be interested,” explained Anderson-Shortt.

“He said, without missing a beat: ‘how about you guys see if you can work together first.’ It was perfect.”

Once the four members started working together, Anderson-Shortt realized what a difference experience it was for him to write, play and perform with a group, rather than play solo. He admitted that he had learned a whole other side of music opening for My Son the Hurricane over the years, but explained that working with Little Nerves has been a “total new learning experience”.

“Getting to play with Justin, Chris and Cooper is such a dream. Those guys are all such great musicians and I learn so much from them,” said Anderson-Shortt. “They challenge me constantly while bringing their own unique flavours to the songs we’ve been working on.”

To date, Little Nerves have released two songs (there’s now three on their Spotify), “No Time Like the Present” and “Excuses”. Recorded with Russ Donohue at StoneHouse Recordings, these songs and are part of a larger work, aptly called the StoneHouse Sessions, and showcase the raw indie-soul-RnB vibe that the foursome are attempting to execute with their plethora of skill and talent. Upon listening to the songs, you’ll hear intricate guitars, funky bass riffs backed by a solid beat, fronted by Anderson-Shortt’s soulful vocals.

“We worked on these songs for about six months and recorded them live off the floor and just did some vocal overdubs afterwards. The songs are varying ideas from all of us in one way or another. We recorded six songs in total,” said Anderson-Shortt. “We have them queued to release every Friday up until the end of November.”

After the six songs have been released, the band plans to embark on an eight date tour, titled the “No Time Like the Present Tour” which will find the group traveling throughout Ontario before they stop in at the Merchant Ale House on December 27.

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As the group travels through the wintery roads of Ontario, Anderson-Shortt explained that he hopes that being in Little Nerves with Hannahson, Sipos & Blake continues to bring him closer to his love and joy and understanding of music.

“Playing with this band continues to be the most fun I have any day of the week. The goal for me is to continue to hone my craft and pick up as much as I can from these guys, all while putting out upbeat music that’s true to us and fun to play,” said Anderson-Shortt. “We’ve got a back catalogue of tunes we’re looking to record in the future and continue to work on new ideas as they come. Some of my favourite songs that we’ve done, have yet to be recorded.

Little Nerves will continue to release a new song every Friday for the month of November. Follow them on Facebook to find out how to listen to them. Little Nerves perform at the Merchant Ale House on December 27.

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