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This Fall’s H[o]ppiest New Show Highlights Our Region

This Fall’s H[o]ppiest New Show Highlights Our Region

This fall, Tales from the Ale Trail are going to debut their first season. Consisting of six episodes, the show will showcase our beautiful Niagara [and Hamilton] breweries.

“But, it’s not about tastings and interviews. It’s about the experience and community that supports and surrounds these breweries. It’s not a beer show per se, it’s a show about the experience of drinking beer,” said Chris Treschak.

“Whether it be travel or food, we just create a subplot around beer and make it really approachable through comedy – think Diner’s Drive Ins and Dives meets the Office and Modern Family. It’s going to be funny. We break the fourth wall a lot.”

Their production schedule took them through the Albino Rhino Beer Festival, the Merchant Ale House, Lock St. Brewery, Niagara Oast House Brewers, The Exchange Brewery, Silversmith Brewing Company, Kame and Kettle and Merit Brewing down in Hamilton.

“We’re doing a ‘Beer and Bikes’ episode that takes us through Niagara-on-the-Lake, a Beer U with Kame and Kettle, living beach life with Lock St. and strolling through downtown St. Catharines hitting up Beechwood Donuts and the Merchant Ale House,” said Treschak.

Treschak and Nick Mirka of Mitchell Reilly Pictures created the idea for a show based on somewhat of an existential crisis by Treschak.
“Chris was thinking ‘what should I do with my life? I love acting and I love beer. Something with those two would be cool.’ If you put something like that in my brain, the wheels will start turning,” explained Mirka.

From there, they developed a pilot episode and had the opportunity to pitch it to Bell Fibe TV. They got picked up, were given a budget, and here they are.

“But really, we would have done this anyways. We were brainstorming this anyways. We just wanted to have fun doing this,” said Treschak. “We just really want to promote the communities we grew up in. We’re all passionate about our Region, we want to highlight the great things happening in it, and drink some beer while we’re at it. ”

Keep up with Tales from the Ale Trail on their Facebook Page.

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