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Ti amo Umberto Tozzi!

Ti amo Umberto Tozzi!

Umberto Tozzi lit up the Avalon Ballroom at the Fallsview Casino this past Saturday and Sunday, June 22/23.

Internationally famous, Italian pop singer Umberto Tozzi has been most noted for his songs “Gloria”, “Claridad”, and “Ti Amo”. You may best recognize Laura Branigans cover of “Gloria” as it was most recently used to celebrate The St Louis Blues NHL Stanley Cup Win! If you know the song I’m talking about, now you know it’s origin- Umberto Tozzi!

I grew up in a predominantly Italian household;  raised on Umberto Tozzi, courtesy of my Nonna and Nonno. Now, as a grown adult also in the music industry, it was mesmerizing watching 30+ years of internationally popular Italian music unfold in my own backyard.

Second song in, Tozzi and his accompanying musicians played the ever famous “Ti Amo”, the entire audience was hooked!  Tozzi leaned his ear towards the swaying crowd as the audience sang the lyrics. It was so emotional, I saw tears streaming down peoples faces.

Continuing to glance around the theatre, it is true what they say… there isn’t a bad seat in the house, and the acoustics are incredible. Umberto Tozzi had seven members on stage, including himself, and it felt as though there was an entire orchestra in front of me! Highlight of the evening was watching the Saxophone player, he was sensational. You could tell Umberto and the Saxophone Player truly enjoyed playing with one another; Back to back, Umberto rocked out on his electric guitar, as the sax soloed! However, worth mentioning, the entire band was so ecstatic to be on stage together! Harmonizing on every song, duelling guitar solos, the entire show flowed so nicely, taking the audience through lows and highs together with Umberto.

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Tozzi resonated so beautifully in the Avalon Ballroom. The Fallsview Casino has a stacked line up this year and Umberto Tozzi is right up there amongst the top performers for 2019. Being an Italian pop singer the entire performance was performed and spoken in Italian. You didn’t need to know Italian to understand. It was incredibly beautiful. Tozzi broke down all barriers, it didn’t matter what age you were or what language you spoke, you couldn’t help but appreciate the music!

Grazie and Ti Amo Umberto Tozzi!

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