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Ward Anderson in the New Age of Stand-Up Comedy: Middle Age, Parenthood, and the Things That Bring Us Together

Ward Anderson in the New Age of Stand-Up Comedy: Middle Age, Parenthood, and the Things That Bring Us Together

By Tim Stacey

Ward Anderson, a multi-medium comedian and radio personality based out of Toronto will be performing in St. Catharines at the Showtime Comedy and Entertainment Club on January 15-16. His act will both preview and help prepare for the upcoming live taping of his TV special in Toronto at the end of the month, tentatively titled “Reluctant Adult”.

“My comedy is about relationships,” said Ward. “Everything from the relationships we have with strangers, to the relationships we have as friends, to the relationships we have as spouses, parents and children. All day on the radio I talk about the things that divide us, so at night when I’m on the stage I like to talk about the things that bring us together”.

Ward has been performing since the age of six when he first started making his relatives laugh. As a child, he performed on stage and gained professional experience working in commercials and voice-over. In the twenty years that he’s been working as a stand-up comic, Ward has seen the industry change in light of new opportunities offered to hardworking and independent comics.

“When I started out it was hard to get a demo, whereas nowadays a comic that’s smart can use a GoPro, find a place online and get an audience and attention; that’s a great thing”.

As Ward sees it, the new opportunities given to aspiring comics through modern technology, social media and streaming services like Netflix herald a possible boom in comedy.

“I think we’re on the cusp of bigger and better things as far as standup comedy goes,” said Ward. “There was a big boom in the ‘80s and I think we’re on the edge of that again because it’s never been easier for comedians to find an audience in several different mediums.”

After living the less than glamorous life of a road-comic for so many years, Ward is happy to enjoy the success he’s gained more recently. He’s published two novels, and currently co-hosts a daily talk show with comedian Allison Dore on Sirius XM’s Canada Talks channel. “Ward and Al” began as a podcast but was soon picked up by Sirius XM, and has recently been nominated for a Canadian Comedy award not long after its start with the satellite radio service.

As most standup comics do, Ward has been preparing for the taping of his upcoming TV special by performing live. His shows in St. Catharines will be among the last of these performances before the taping on January 28 at the Randolph Theatre in Toronto.

“The special is about hitting middle age, parenthood, marriage and everything every in between,” said Ward.

Admission to the taping in Toronto will be free, so be sure to check out for ticket info. For tickets to the January 15 & 16 shows in St. Catharines, check out Showtime Comedy and Entertainment online at Ward’s novels, “I’ll Be Here All Week” and “All That’s Left” are available wherever books are sold. “Ward and Al” airs weekdays on Sirius XM channel 167 from 1-4 pm.

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