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When You’re An Addams

When You’re An Addams

“When I was a kid in the 70s, the Addams Family was playing on our TV. Two movies and a musical later, everyone knows who they are,” said Paul Lewis, actor.

Born in 1938, The Addams Family cartoons have been created into nearly every media form possible, a black and white TV serial in the 60s, feature films, animated series and most recently a musical.

In 2010, The Addams Family was brought to Broadway. Using the cartoons as a backdrop to the story, the musical tells a macabre love story between Wednesday Addams and the recently arrived Lucas of the Beineke family, who have been invited to the Addams family’s estate for dinner.

The sordid event takes place, a ‘game’ is played, love is lost and reclaimed, there’s poison, fighting, singing and dancing and the world is ultimately balanced when Uncle Fester finds his love, the moon, nearing the finale of the production.

Garden City Productions tackled this production for their Spring season with direction and choreography from Brady van Vaerenbergh.

The production features 23 cast members, which were chosen from nearly double the auditions.

“There’s never enough dancers,” joked Lewis who plays Gomez. “It’s one thing to have 23 people, but its another to be really lucky. This show moves well, we have a lot of strong dancers and nothing was pulled back. The performances are superior across the board. The production quality is there. There’s no weak link.”

“It’s really gorgeous. We have such a good team. We didn’t have to hold back on what we had planned. We worked knowing the abilities of our cast and they’ve done such a good job of learning and making everything sharp and crisp,” said Vaerenbergh.

The fact that The Addams Family are so familiar helps. While the family are bizarre and quirky, there’s a reason stories of the Addams have been told among generations of audiences. In the end, the Addams are just like the Jones’, just slightly more iconic.

“It’s really just about family and love. There’s something there for everybody,” said Alison Braley-Rattai, who plays Morticia. “They’re dysfunctional, but they’re very fond of each other. In the end, they’re really normal just like everyone else.”

The Addams Family runs Friday April 6-22 at the theatre at Ridley College. Tickets are available at

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