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Wine Not: August Cider

Wine Not: August Cider

Ravine Winery is a St.Davids staple…like peanut butter is to jam, or dark rum is to ginger beer. They have basically been in the business before it even existed. They’re well known for growing and making fabulous, bio-dynamic and organic wine and providing us with the best Thursday night. Hanging in their backyard eating pizza, drinking and listening to live-music while overlooking the vineyard. The farm was purchased by the Lowery family in 1867 and have been growing different fruits; like cherries, peaches, apples and pears since what seems like the beginning of time. It really only made sense, when two years ago when they started to produce high quality dry cider and have since branched out in flavours.

Last month, Ravine released my now favorite Pear Cider which is ‘out of this world’! On the nose it has a very gentle and delicate aroma especially next to Ravines two other very aromatic ciders. The bouquet on the pear is sweet and sour, similar to a sour candy or the essence of a sour cherry, very clean and pretty.

ByMade from 100% cold snap pears a type of pear that only grows in Canada. Its fruity, crisp and hella dry on the palate with teeny tiny bubbles that seem more like champagne bubbles. Which is totally what I am looking for in a cider and is a great surprise since the cider is carbonated at the Oast House Brewery in the same method they carbonate their beers. Hands down Ravine is making one of Ontario’s driest ciders on the market…at least the driest of all the ciders I have tasted and rest assured I have tried more than my fair share of ciders. Let’s get real here, I am not super bourgeoisie but I really enjoy a solid pre-dinner drink or as some call it an “apéritif”. The pear cider is the perfect apéritif to enjoy while prepping dinner or just hanging out before you enjoy your meal. Chill it, pop it open, drink it from your favorite wine glass or coupe glass and feel fancy. Its dry and has bubbles so perfect for palate cleansing and plus; it’s lower in alcohol then champagne so a small glass or two before dinner won’t knock you on your ass. Move over sparkling wine there is a new drink in town. It’s crisp, dry and really yummy!

Cider: Pear Cider
Winery: Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery
Price: $10.95
Location: 1366 York Road, St. Davids Ontario
Fun Fact: In the last year cider has been the fast growing market at the LCBO.

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