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Wine Not? Hare Winery

Wine Not? Hare Winery

By Lindsay Schwenker

Have you ever heard the old English superstition regarding the luck of the rabbit? Well, it states that saying, out loud, “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit” on the first day of every month will bring you good luck and wealth.

It’s also said that muttering the word “hare” on the last day of the month before you fall asleep will bring you good luck, wealth, prosperity, blah, blah, blah… The hare is regarded as a symbol of fertility and prosperous life, so what better name for the new Hare Winery, which opened this past September in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The next time you are out and about tasting wine in NOTL, make this one of your stops. They have a great selection of wines that fall under four different labels: Jack Rabbit, Crown Land Series, Frontier Collection and the Noble Collection.

I have been able to enjoy a few of their wines, but am super jazzed up about the 2013 Jack Rabbit Red. It is the perfect wine to warm you up this February. It’s full-flavoured and medium-bodied with lots of fruit and the perfect amount of spice. It’s one of those wines that will pretty much pair with whatever you’re craving for dinner and whatever new series you may be binge watching. With every sip I am visualizing myself curled up on a cozy Sunday night with a bowl of homemade spaghetti & meatballs, watching reruns of Friends and pouring myself another glass. This wine is full of flavour but by no means intimidating; it’s packed with tons of cherry power but still has the pepper to round out the whole palate. The blend is 60% Cabernet Franc, 25% Merlot and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon and has spent a surprising (with regards to cost) 12 months in Oak. All in all, this is a wine that you would totally like to be drinking while out with your friends on Saturday night, but is also casual enough for a Tuesday night at home.

On another note…I have made my way across to the other side of the world and have some how landed myself a dream job working harvest and making wine in Victoria, Australia. I will be continuing to write Wine Not from “Down Under”…it just may come with a twist.

Wine: 2013 Jack Rabbit Red

Cost: $15.50

Winery: The Hare Wine Co.

Address: 769 Niagara Stone Rd. NOTL

Fun Fact: There are 6 Bordeaux grape varietals; Cab Franc, Cab Sauv, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Malbec and Carmenere. However we don’t talk as much about Carmenere anymore…it seems to be slowly making its way off of that list. So when someone says Bordeaux blend or Meritage it’s a combination of those grape varietals.


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