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Wine Not? Netflix & Wine

Wine Not? Netflix & Wine

By Lindsay Schwenker

If you are at all aware of what’s going on in the social world you have most likely used or heard the craze phase “Netflix and Chill”. I actually like watching my Netflix shows and like the rest of the world I prefer to get my Netflix in long serious doses. That’s why today I am suggesting a revamp of that phrase to ”Netflix and Wine”! I have watched my fair share of Netflix series and just as not all wines pair with all foods, some wines pair better with certain Netflix shows.

Girl Boss: Your favorite bottle of inexpensive bubbles
If you are anything like me you are just eating up Netflix’s latest show Girl Boss and there’s no better time for bubbles then when you are at home swallowing up a fun female power show. No need to spend a lot of money on your bubbles find something you love and enjoy it. I guarantee the fun bright feeling you get from your sparkling wine will pair perfectly with this rock solid show inspired by Sophia Amoruso’s best-selling book (also if you haven’t read the book you need to read it).

Narcos: Syrah & not Tequila
As much as I would like to tell you to drink more Tequila, Syrah is definitely the drink for this show. It is big, loaded just like Pablo’s pistol with spice, deep in colour and will keep you feeling safe and cozy while you binge watch Pablo Escobar’s intense, slightly dramatized story.

Orange is the New Black: Orange wine
I probably can’t get any more cliche than this but it has to be said…It’s basically telling you to drink orange wine right in the title. Orange is new to Niagara and totally trending in the wine world right now. It is still a wine style hard to come by but you can find one for purchase at Southbrook Winery. If you still haven’t tried this style of wine, please do yourself a favour and stay seated for your first time…once you try it you’ll understand why.

Stranger Things: Anything but Wine!
Going slightly against the theme of this article but an amazing local brew will match up perfectly with this highly addicting-cant wait for the second season Netflix series. Try the Silversmith Bavarian Breakfast Wheat beer it will pair perfectly with the recurring ‘eggo’ placement in the show. Honestly…who can resist a crisp, dry, well brewed wheat beer and the boys at Silversmith know what they are doing.

House of Cards: Cabernet Sauvignon
What screams America more the Cab Sauv….well, maybe crazy politics. If you’re getting ready to bunker down for the night with your favorite fictional American politician then I highly suggest you go grab your favorite Cab, it will really get you feeling tight with our neighbours from the south. Big huge and in your face just like their personalities…and of course, I’m talking about the fictional characters from the show.

Get Down : Something Funky and New
The show is all about funk and following your dreams so go grab yourself something with a bit of funk or maybe just a wine you haven’t had before! Try a new varietal you’ve never tasted or a different style of drink like an apera or something fortified. Guaranteed to shake things up!

Netflix and wine, you’ll have so much fun!

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