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Wine Not: Pearl Morissette

Wine Not: Pearl Morissette

Summer is finally here and no doubt you’ll find me in backyards with good company and a cooler stocked with chilled red wines. Just because the temperatures are climbing doesn’t mean you have to put away your red wines, sip them in the sunshine at your chilled ideal temp. I am not suggesting you chill your big bordeaux blends or malbecs…look for something a bit lighter and brighter in colour, less body and it will have no problem drinking at the ideal backyard-summer-barbecue temperature.

These wines are vibrant, easy and can take you from your day time bocci ball game into a balmy summer night barbecue they even can be enjoyed pool-side no food needed. Some wines to look for are Pinot Noir, Gamay, Zweigelt and if you can find it…St. Laurent keep in mind while you’re shopping sometimes a younger vintage will give you an even juicier wine. One of my current favorites in this style is the 2016 Pinot Noir from Pearl Morissette. This wine is just so perfect; it has a bright and deep cherry colour, it’s young, fresh and has this tension on the nose that you can’t quite get enough of. In every sip you find affirmation that the winemaker has great natural inclinations, knows his way around the cellar and cares for the environment in which the wine is made. It’s perfumey and juicy like ripe local red fruit and wild flowers. It has a true Niagara sort of grit and doesn’t taste like it came from a sterile factory but more from the hands of its maker. I’ll break the feeling down for you, in a perfect world I am drinking copious amounts of this wine with good company, lounging on a giant swan pool float and the music is playing Gooey by Glass Animals. As much as I love a good #yeswayrose I urge you to get out there and chill some fun reds this summer, get wild with it!

Wine: 2016 Jeunes Vignes Pinot Noir
Price: $30.00
Winery: Pearl Morissette
Address: 3953 Jordan Rd, Jordan Station, ON
Fun Fact: 90% of this wine fermented and lived in concrete tanks until it was bottled. This wine can be purchased at the winery in Jordan Station, just give them a call and they will take great care of you!

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