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Wine Not? Spring Season

Wine Not? Spring Season

By Lindsay Schwenker

Spring is finally among us and brings along with it that amazing sense of joy. Soon we will be spending hours working in our yards getting them ready for the good weather and new growth, planting veggies and enjoying the weekends sipping wine grilling on the barbeque with friends. Heading to the local market Saturday morning becomes more of a fun event then a cold necessity during the winter. The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer and the release of many new wines is just around the corner! There are over a hundred wineries in the Niagara region and we are so blessed to live in such an agricultural area. Soon each of those hundred of wineries will be releasing the amazing wines from 2015/2016 for us all to clink, taste, drink and share with friends. The whole idea around eating locally and sustainably is becoming an increased preoccupation with the diners around Niagara and wine should also be part of that conversation. Most restaurants in the region have a great selection of local wines for us all to drink and enjoy but what do you drink at home?

When you walk into the LCBO do you head directly over to the VQA section to choose your favorite local wine or are you still heading over to grab your staple California Cab or Australian Shiraz? Niagara wineries are doing amazing things at the moment; we have some extremely innovative winemakers and the way we adapt to our ever changing and diverse climate is really fantastic. There are winemakers making big bold beautiful reds, organic and biodynamic wines and wines that are trying to show the true taste of what Niagara’s growing conditions are like. We also are spoiled with a whole selection of price points so we can grab a 15 or so dollar bottle of wine for our tuesday night wine or we are able to buy some more lay worthy wines…which of course you don’t have to lay down. 2015 and 2016 were incredible vintages for us lucky Niagarians so this month I am encouraging you to try some new wines from our local winemakers. Some of my favorites where I would recommend tasting at; Big Head Wines, Five Rows, Ravine, Southbrook, Domaine Queylus, Pearl Morissette, Megalomaniac and Malivoire plus many many more I could go on for pages. So get out there and spend an afternoon touring around Niagara on the Lake or the Twenty Valley bench and discover some new wines that you have never tried before. I know you will find one you love and just might not be able to live without! It’s ad Alanis sings, “It’s like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife” but in this case all we need is a spoon and for some reason we keep choosing the knife.

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