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Wine Not? Vineland Estate 2014 Cabernet Franc

Wine Not? Vineland Estate 2014 Cabernet Franc

By Lindsay Schwenker

November is here…so let the hibernating begin! Currently sporting my track pants and boyfriend’s old tee, sitting on this coziestof  couches wrapped up in my totally “on trend” predictable Hudson Bay wool blanket and trapped in a Gilmore Girls re-run Netflix paradigm while drinking as much Cab Franc as I can get my hands on.

The leaves have changed colour and have started floating their way down to the ground ,imparting us all with the daunting task of raking them all up bagging them and then doing it all again the next week and so on until the trees are completely nude and we have entered full on hibernation mode.

Vineland Estate Wineries 2014 Cabernet Franc is the perfect wine to help you recover from yard-work and also warm you up from the fresh November air all the way from your palate to you toes. Its colour is a beautiful and delicate ruby red and smells like fresh dark currants, plums, tobacco and some seriously sharp chili pepper notes which really rock my world. Dans le bouche it’s a powerful explosion of flavour, easy-going medium body with the perfect amount of tannic structure that is very present but also extremely inoffensive, making this wine super drinkable right now.

I love this wine, it’s warm and soft and cozy like your fuzziest sweater but still has this spicy edge to it. It’s the cool November breeze with the leaves blowing, billowing and crunching beneath your feet while your partner’s hand is holding yours and keeping it ever so lightly warm and protected from the cold… and I’m not talking about a bear claw grip or an eagle wing grip. It’s the kind of holding hands when your hand is in an gentle fist and his is holding yours in entirety for maximum warmth and coziness. It’s just when the sun is only barely peeking out from its descent below the horizon and the scent of the change of season is fresh in the air.

This Cabernet Franc is $14.95 and is one of the best “let’s just say” 15 dollar Cab Francs I’ve had. So head over to your local LCBO or even better to the Vineland Estates Winery and check it out yourself! [S]

Wine : Vineland Estate 2014 Cabernet Franc
Price : $14.95
Winery : Vineland Estate Winery
Address : 3620 Moyer Rd., Vineland, Ontario
Fun Fact : Cabernet Franc is the parent grape of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon

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