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The Yack: March 2018

The Yack: March 2018

Back in 1971, Don Henley and Glen Frey decided to form a band after touring with Linda Ronstadt. The quartet played their first gig in Aspen, Colorado as Teen King and the Emergencies. The bands hallmark name, Eagles, would come to them during a peyote and tequila-influenced evening in the Mojave Desert. And that’s probably the best thing I’ve heard about The Eagles. Better than “Take it Easy.” Better than “Hotel California.” Listen, I’m going to come clean with you here, I had a rough night and I fucking hate The Eagles, man.

On Saturday, March 10, The Film House will be hosting their first ever late night film screening of you guessed it, The Big Lebowski. The night will be filled with references to the dude, trivia, prizes for best costumes, generally a deliciously quotable night. The screening starts at 11:30pm general admission is $9, Film House members pay $7. This event takes place just once and if you miss it, mark it zero.


Reuben and the Dark are a five-piece band out of Calgary, Alberta who according to their bio “…makes chilling, emotive folk and soul driven by dark, introspective lyrics that explore the duality of misery and joy.” So, their into Joy Division, murder shows and getting tickled? Not exactly. To be frank, they sound like a beautiful mix of Hey Rosetta! (RIP) and a less giddy Said the Whale. Their music is honest, emotional and anthemic. Their latest single “Hurricane,” would make the perfect soundtrack for a Netflix/HBO production much like their Arts & Crafts labelmates Majical Cloudz’s “Downtown” on The OA. Catch Reuben and the Dark in this small room, before you can’t anymore.

Also added to this show, Montreal’s Kandle. Could the band’s name be a sweet, sweet Sonic Youth reference? Nope. Kandle is the solo project of Victoria, BC’s Kandle Osborne, the daughter of 54-40’s Neil Osborne. Her band, The Krooks (get it?) feature members of The Stills, The Yardlets, Sunfields and Sam Goldberg of Broken Social Scene. Kandle plays a sultry, moody mix of stripped down folk and rollicking rock n roll. Both artists perform at Warehouse on Wednesday, March 21 at 8pm. This is an all-ages show and tickets are $15 in advance.

I’d like to get serious for a second. Hedley have been accused of a pair of sexual assaults in two weeks, with the first accusation coming from a teenager (at the time of the assault).

The second story broke on mainstream media, where the victim alleges lead singer Jacob Hoggard brutally raped her. The band denied the first claim saying the story was “unsubstantiated,” and the time of print have yet to comment on the rape allegations. After the first story broke, #outHedley2k18 blew up on twitter and other survivors shared their experiences. A strange amount of the band’s rapid and vapid fanbase continued to stand by the band with their counter hashtag #IStandByHedley.

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To anyone with a brain, we need to continue to stand with, support and listen to ALL victims and survivors of abuse. There’s no place for victim blaming, or claiming that all of these shared experiences of terrible behaviour are just ways to crush Hedley’s career. Ignorant fans continued to vouch for Hedley’s “gentlmanly” behaviour because they’ve met the band for a handful of minutes at meet and greets. Tattoo artists have offered free cover-ups of Hedley tattoos. In the bizarre-meets-how-do-you-spell-ironic department, a woman on Facebook who stands with Hedley, is outraged that her tattoo was featured on a news report without her permission. She’s literally threatening legal action, because she didn’t give consent for a photo of her body to be shown. She’s also furious, soooo pissed and called the accusations “trendy.” My brain just exploded.

This isn’t just a rockstar problem. It’s not a Hollywood problem. This isn’t an innocent until proven guilty problem. This is about abuse that’s gone on for decades where the victims are questioned unfairly, threatened or told they’re lying. It’s time to stop the bullshit and stand 200% with the accusers. It’s time to stop asking why didn’t you do this or why didn’t you do that? It’s time to just start listening.

Hedley’s current tour is promoted by Live Nation and Ticketmaster is giving refunds for tickets.


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