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Yeti Yells: Yeti Does Paint Night

Yeti Yells: Yeti Does Paint Night

Once was Picasso. Once was Leonardo. Now we have Yeti. Haha. Yeti so good at Paint Nite. Paint teacher say Yeti a natural. Everybody use brush, brush for jokes. Hahaha. So many jokes in Paint Nite. Look at Yeti go. Fingers of angel, like Yeti voice of angel. I wish mom could see Yeti now, she say “Yeti, you paint good”… nice thing my mom say to Yeti. Secret is… Yeti is suppose to be something of artist. Whatever means, Yeti no know. Teacher say when Yeti young… ”Yeti, you be something of artist”… I think it mean, Yeti artist, like Picasso, and like Leonardo. Nobody else think Yeti good. But who cares if no one else think Yeti good, Yeti say f*ck it… Yeti do what Yeti do. Yeti so good at everything Yeti do, except bocci ball. Balls too tiny and Yeti lose balance. Big Yeti, tiny ball. Haha, tiny ball. Yeti have big balls. Don’t be fool, may be cover by fur, but Yeti know what up with all Yetis and stuff… big balls in. Yeti master of all Yeti things Yeti do. Hahaha. Big balls for Yeti, be jealous. Yeti get all mates… when you no looking. Paints like Picasso… Yeti yell truth. Don’t believe if no want. Whatever, Yeti have big balls. All matters. Maybe Yeti paint Big Balls for next Paint Nite.
— Love Yelling Yeti

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