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Yeti Yells: Yeti Think Someone Trying to Kill Yeti

Yeti Yells: Yeti Think Someone Trying to Kill Yeti

Heavy breathing anybody hear Yeti? Anybody near Yeti? Yeti has scared problem…

Yeti think someone try to kill Yeti. Yeti have much living to do. So much that Yeti no want dead.

Yeti too young. Or maybe Yeti no young. Yeti no remember!

All Yeti know right now is, scary black thing chase Yeti down street. Yeti jump in dumpster can. Big enough to hold all Yeti: but for how long? How long can Yeti live in dumpster can?! Actually, long time for Yeti.

All Yeti favorite foods half gone in dumpster can. Maybe yeti should grocery shop in dumpster can more often. Wait. Back to problem. WHO IS BLACK THING! And why chase Yeti?

Yeti much think all things happen to Yeti in last six months. Maybe this make clear as to who want Yeti dead and why Yeti is force live in dumpster can. Yeti know what Yeti must do.

Yeti must write biography. Or autobiography. Yeti can’t remember which on which. This way if yeti killed, people will know Yeti’s story. Clear throat.

— Love, Yelling Yeti

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